Richard Patterson Avatar
Richard Patterson

I'm a 71 year old man that was always skeptical about going to the chiropractor. With my sisters encouragement I decided to see Dr. Sundberg. Since having treatments I feel like a new man, my body feels great, and it's helped improve my golf swing. I would highly recommend Dr. Sundberg to everyone.

ReeRee Johnson Avatar
ReeRee Johnson

After having a disc removed from my lower back in 2020, I thought everything was going to be great from that point on. But in late 2021, I started having new issues with my back. Thank God it wasn’t another herniated disc, but I was not going to have the surgery that my bone doctor described. So, I tried PT to strengthen my core, muscles, etc. My mobility was a little better, but this didn’t help the pain & pressure.

I then decided to go to a chiropractor for this extreme pain and pressure, and I decided I to approach this next step with an open mind.

From the first phone call, I felt at ease, with Dr. Josh!
Then, at the assessment, Dr. Josh explained the process, the plan and answered any questions that I had, in his gentle, patient manner. (Even flexible, if I happen to be running behind! Lol)

After the first adjustment, as I exited the office, I was amazed that some of the pressure had subsided. Then, as days went on, and the future adjustments took place, I was able to do more of the bending and twisting necessary for my everyday life, without as much pain and pressure.

This does not mean that I’m totally pain free, nor that I still don’t feel some pressure. But this has definitely been very beneficial to my quality of life!!!

Thank you Dr. Josh!!!

Jera Hogan Avatar
Jera Hogan

Totally should've left this review a LONG time ago, but Dr. Josh has helped so much with shortening the healing time on all of my muscle tweaks (I work a physical job). I was super skeptical about chiropractics at first, but I've completely changed my mind after seeing the results from coming to his office regularly. I move to a different city for two years, and this was the first thing I scheduled as soon as I moved back here. Very grateful!

Silent ButDeadly Avatar
Silent ButDeadly

I have bursitis in my shoulders, a shoulder injury and two back injuries, but Josh has helped me through all of it! My girlfriend referred me to him and I've been happier with less pain ever since. I highly recommend his services!😎👍

Shirley Vernia Avatar
Shirley Vernia

Very professional and I always feel better after an appointment. Dr. Sundberg will always work with you if have a problem or need to change an appointment.