priscilla hamlin Avatar
priscilla hamlin

Dr. Josh Sundberg has been my husband’s & my Chiropractor for some time. He is an amazing Doctor possessing great skill, compassion, & kindness. He’s helped us immeasurably & we both highly recommend Dr. Josh Sundberg to any family looking for competent, successful healthcare results.
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Hamlin.

Silent ButDeadly Avatar
Silent ButDeadly

I have bursitis in my shoulders, a shoulder injury and two back injuries, but Josh has helped me through all of it! My girlfriend referred me to him and I've been happier with less pain ever since. I highly recommend his services!😎👍

Sheila Slater Avatar
Sheila Slater

In just two weeks my discomfort level improved, and I feel good about my progress. Dr. Joshua Sundberg is very knowledgeable in health and nutrition. He’s caring and most importantly listens to my concerns and give helpful advice.

Jera Hogan Avatar
Jera Hogan

Totally should've left this review a LONG time ago, but Dr. Josh has helped so much with shortening the healing time on all of my muscle tweaks (I work a physical job). I was super skeptical about chiropractics at first, but I've completely changed my mind after seeing the results from coming to his office regularly. I move to a different city for two years, and this was the first thing I scheduled as soon as I moved back here. Very grateful!

Lolita Rose Avatar
Lolita Rose

Best chiropractor ever.