Why do I need more than one adjustment?

Your Kalamazoo Chiropractor comments:

As a Kalamazoo chiropractor, I hear this question a lot. People always want to know why one adjustment isn’t enough to “cure” their problem. This is even more important when they get up from the chiropractor’s table and are already noticing the pain relief or the absence of their pain. Then, a few days to weeks later, you start to feel that headache, neck pain, or back pain slowly return. What gives, right?

The truth of the matter, is that your body has had years of stress, poor posture, and poor lifting habits it has had to adapt to and slowly developed into the bad posture habits. In order to get you back to normal, we have to re-train your body and muscles to develop good posture habits. The other problem is that we can never eliminate the cause, you will still do the things that cause subluxations. The common activities in your life creates the stress on your neck and spine, and if that stress is left untreated, pain is inevitable.

Ongoing chiropractic care has many other benefits besides pain relief that people don’t often think of. One benefit is when your body is properly aligned, there is increased range of motion in your joints. That increase in range of motion allows you to live the active lifestyle you love, for instance participating in activities like golf, running, or swimming without the pain you would have previously experienced. When you are doing things you love, you are naturally happier, which in turn leads to less stress. When you experience less stress your immune systems functions better. All adding up to a happier, healthier you.

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