Invest in your Health

At Sundberg Family Chiropractic in Kalamazoo, we know that investing is important. We all have savings accounts and a 401k to help us prepare for retirement, but how many of us are investing in our future health. The Dalai Lama stated that what surprised him most about humanity is how man will sacrifices his health in order to obtain wealth and then has to sacrifice his wealth in order to recuperate his health. We push our body to its limits ignoring our health concerns when they are minor and easy to deal with because we are too obsessed with our daily stressors.

The University of Texas now estimates that by the year 2050 we will have over 800,000 Americans living to be 100 years old. Just think about that, living to be a hundred years old. What would your spine look like if you lived to be a hundred they way you are treating it now? The University of Texas also reported that spinal disability was the most common cause of functional disability. If we are going to be living to be a hundred I am sure we all want to be mobile for our entire lives.

So invest in Chiropractic as the great BJ PALMER said chiropractic is health insurance premiums are small and dividends are large. Regular chiropractic care can help prepare you for remaining mobile in your golden years. By adding Chiropractic to your health routine you are investing not only in your current health, but a future of good health as well. By treating the cause of your issue and helping the body heal itself, chiropractic can truly help us age easier.

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